Sailboat 3D medium scrapbook


JNBM Paperclay Art

Sailboat  3D design embossed pattern. Bound with craft paper for all your notes and scribbles 

Each pack contains a 203.2mm x 152.4mm die-cut board with 4 containers of Paper Clay, 2 pieces of crafting sticks and 20pcs of crafting paper

How it works:

1) Place a small amount of Paper Clay from the container using the crafting sticks.

2) Apply the Paper Clay to your design covering all areas. Fill all the spaces between the outlines making sure it is applied evenly.

3) Leave to dry for at least 30 minutes, resulting in a beautiful, evenly embossed and air-hardened Paper Clay masterpiece. 

4) For a glossy effect, apply a generous amount of craft glue (not included) on top of the dry Paper Clay.

5) If Paper Clay dries up, like any regular clay, carefully add a few drops of water and mix until evenly moist.

level of difficulty


* Paper clay is NON-TOXIC  

Protected by IPO #2-2006-000113/114  

Conforms to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D4236

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